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De Quervain's is a tenosynovitis (swelling of the sheath surrounding the tendon) of the extensor pollicis brevis and abductor pollicis longus tendons of the thumb.  This condition usually occurs over a gradual period with repetitive use, however an acute injury can also result in de Quervain's.  It is associated with racquet sports, bowling, rowing and golfing.

Pain is located at the base of the thumb and may radiate up the forearm.  Pinching or grasping movements of the wrist and thumb increase the pain.   A clicking or snapping sensation may occur on movement of the thumb

  • Repetitive motion (grasping or pinching)
  • Overuse with sports or related to occupational tasks (i.e. keyboard)
  • Acute trauma such as a direct blow to the thumb


  • Rest: The patient should rest the hand and minimize aggravating movements of the thumb.
  • Ice: Apply a cold compress, wrapped in a towel or in a Trainers Choice compression wrap, to the injured area for 15 minutes per hour, a minimum of 3 times/day.
  • Compression: Apply compression to the wrist and thumb by wrapping with an elastic wrap, or by applying a compression support.
  • Elevate: The hand should be placed in an elevated position to minimize swelling.
  • Athletic/Physiotherapy to aid healing and assist reconditioning of the injured area
  • Brace/support to immobilize the thumb and help rest the tendons