Trainers Choice Partnership with Simcoe County Rovers FC

We're excited to continue our journey with the Simcoe County Rovers FC as their official sports medicine supplier, a partnership that reflects our shared commitment to elevating soccer standards, engaging with the community, and winning L1 Ontario championships. This collaboration is a testament to our mutual dedication to providing athletes with the best resources for their athletic performance, emphasizing the importance of injury prevention, recovery, and care.

Knee injuries, such as ACL ligament damage, are unfortunately common in the fast-paced and high-impact world of soccer. Rick Schaly, President of Trainers Choice, emphasizes the indispensable role of functional braces in providing support and protection for athletes against such risks. "Soccer is a demanding sport that tests the limits of physical endurance and agility," Schaly notes. "Providing the Rovers with our products means we're equipping them with the means to protect their players and enhance their performance.”

At Trainers Choice, our mission has always been to support athletes in their stride for excellence by offering sports medicine products that not only meet but exceed their needs, ensuring their health and well-being are always a top priority. By providing the team full access to our premium line, currently leading in Canadian Pharmacies, we're not just supplying the Rovers with high-quality products; we're tailoring solutions to address the unique challenges soccer players face.