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  • As Canada’s largest Sports Medicine Product Supplier their reputation and expertise has been an excellent addition to our team. All products received have been of the highest quality, functional and durable. Our organization particularly likes that all the products come with a one year “Wear and Tear” warranty, although it’s never been needed to date.
    K.D. Brown

    Warrant Officer, Canadian Forces Athletic Trainers Logistics/Program Coordinator

    Having worked with many semi-pro and varsity teams, the need for high quality products and fast and efficient service are essential. We have been fortunate to have Trainer’s Choice, whose products and customer service is second to none.
    Daniel De Ytturalde

    Head Orthopedic Surgeon, Dumont Hospital, Moncton, NB

    Check out my ancient TT braces fresh from the wash. Been wearing ’em every workday for nearly 10 years. A few minor repairs but still going strong – like me...72 year old carpenter working 6 days a week.

    Thanks for the great products!
    John Milne

    Old Fox Woodworks, Vernon BC