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Lateral Epicondylitis is an injury that results in micro tearing of the common tendon that attaches the extensor muscles of the forearm to the lateral epicondyle. It was given the name Tennis Elbow from its frequency of occurrence seen among seen in tennis players, but it is also a very common injury with people who do not play tennis.

Pain is felt on the lateral aspect (outside) of the elbow and can be very point tender on the lateral epicondyle (bony point of the elbow) where the tendon attaches.  Pain is increased with gripping or lifting objects, such as opening a door or holding a coffee cup.

  • Most prevalent in racquet sports (tennis, squash)
  • Common with repetitive motions of the arm (such as hammering, painting, keyboarding, etc.)
  • Direct trauma may cause an irritation

Rest: The patient should rest the elbow and minimize aggravating activities.

Ice: Apply a cold compress, wrapped in a towel or in a Trainers Choice compression wrap, to the injured area for 15 minutes per hour, a minimum of 3 times/day.

  • Athletic/Physiotherapy to aid healing and reconditioning of the injured muscles.
  • Brace/support to reduce stress on the injured tendon. The brace should be worn over the muscle belly of the forearm muscles, not directly over the injured area.
  • Shockwave therapy